Gilda Turitz Speaking at ABA Webinar on “Dispelling the Top 8 Myths of Arbitration”

Myths about arbitration persist because, unlike court, arbitrations are usually private. The proceedings, hearings, and awards are not typically open to public viewing or comment.

Some common myths are: “arbitrators always split the baby;” “there is no discovery in arbitration;” or “arbitration costs as much as litigation.” Statistical studies and provider rules disprove such notions.

This webinar will discuss the facts which dispel common myths about arbitration. And it will show how attorneys and arbitrators can control the proceedings to enhance their effectiveness.

The speakers include experienced arbitrators Gilda Turitz, Ruth Glick, and Edward Lozowicki, and a representative from a major provider organization, Lance Tanaka.

The webinar is February 28 from 12:00 – 1:15 PM (Eastern).

Register online here: Dispelling the Top Eight Myths of Arbitration